How Arab E-Marketing Work
  • Familiarization Meeting…In this meeting we will ask you certain questions to understand how your company is utilizing the web. We will also explain how we work with our clients and what you can expect from us. We will answer any questions you may have.
  • Budget and Action Plan…With our help and based on your needs and budgetary constraints, we decide on the monthly fee and the total yearly budget that your business will need. We work together to create a 1-year Action Plan. This will describe all the work to be done and all the targets that we need to achieve within the timeframe of one year.
  • Meet your new team…You visit our offices where you will meet the people behind your new Internet Marketing Department. The Action Plan and Targets will be announced to the team and responsibilities will be assigned to them.
  • We start work…We begin to implement our Action Plan. We have periodic meetings (weekly, bi-weekly, or on custom dates) for formal updates of our work, for gathering required information from you and for making sure we are aligned with our Action Plan.
  • You start to see results… One kind of results is to see the elements on the Action Plan being materialized. he other kind of results is that from a point of time and beyond, you will start to see.

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